All our french doors are built to an extremely high specification to give you the most efficient doors on the market today. Our doors unlike other door companies on eBay and online are all thermally insulated inside the aluminium frame which keep the heat in the winter months and allows the heat to escape in the summer, plus the frames are pre-glazed which will save your fitter lots of time! All our doors come in a wooden protection crate rather than on a pallet like some companies send them out on, so you can be assured you doors will arrive in pristine condition. we also give you a can of spray paint in the door colour that you order in case you scratch them or damage them.
For those looking to break down the barrier between indoor and outdoor living, our range of bifold doors offer the perfect solution. All the products in our aluminium bi-fold door range can be installed with a flush floor threshold enabling you to achieve a completely seamless flow between your indoor/outdoor living space. French doors offer the flexibility of a sliding folding door combined with the wonderfully light properties of aluminium. Whilst being light and easy to manoeuvre our aluminium doors still meet high security standards as well as providing excellent energy efficiency for your home or project. We only use top quality components when it comes to building these doors as we do not want any unhappy customers further down the line as we have to warranty the doors and don’t want any comebacks!

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